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About Professional Certificate in Artificial Intelligence

The Professional Certification in Artificial Intelligence is aimed at equipping you with the knowledge and skills required to thrive in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Enrol now and launch your career as an AI Expert.

Exploring the Professional Certificate in Artificial Intelligence

The Professional Certificate in Artificial Intelligence is a job-oriented program with a total duration of 12 months. It is designed by industry experts and professionals. It is intended to help any individual who wants to pursue a career in Artificial Intelligence, provided that the student is from any technical background. The Professional Certificate in Artificial Intelligence is aimed at equipping the students with the technical and management knowledge to drive business transformation. The program will be taught by IIT Alumni trainers and is going to be held on an app-based learning system. This program will open ample career opportunities as it enables over 60 job roles in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning. After completing the project, the students will work on real-world industry projects and participate in Hackathons and Competitions to gain valuable skills. At Data Folkz’s Professional Certificate in Artificial Intelligence, the student will be learning skills with the presentation of Capstone Projects, Hackathons, and the Kaggle Competition. We provide the student with lifetime access to the classes and mock interviews for students’ preparation to face the real-world challenges related to the field of Big Data. The program comes with a model of Pay after Placement so that the student need not worry about deciding to enrol in the course.

Learning Objectives of the Professional Certificate in Artificial Intelligence

The major objective of this course is to equip the students with the knowledge and skills required to keep up with future technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cybersecurity, Blockchain, Machine Learning, and the Internet of Things. After completing this course, you, the students, will be able to diagnose analytics to make more precise sales forecasts. The online sessions at Data Folkz are covered by IIT Alumni and industry experts and are going to be highly interactive one-to-one sessions. This facilitates a better understanding of the core concepts of the topic and helps in gaining industry-relevant knowledge in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data.

Why Become an AI Expert?

The major reason you should consider becoming an AI expert is that the specialists in AI possess incredible value for brands who intend to be on the cutting edge of utilizing developmental marketing methods. The presence of AI experts in the organization allows organizations to make better decisions and improve core business processes by surging both the speed and accuracy of strategic decision-making processes. Talking about why the role of an AI expert is crucial to an organization is the fact that the AI specialist is known for applying their skills in engineering and computer science so that the data obtained can be utilized to its full potential. Data Folkz offers hands-on industry-based projects and case studies to work on, providing the student with a real-time experience of working as an AI expert.

Crucial Skills You Will Learn with this Professional Certification in Artificial Intelligence

Some of the most crucial skills that you will be learning in this course are programming languages that are highly demanded in the market, such as Python, and R Programming. Other additional skills involve linear algebra and statistics, signal processing techniques, and neural network architectures. The course basically lays an emphasis on computer science, python code, data science, machine learning, natural language processing, math, and psychology in the field of Artificial Intelligence. The Professional Certificate in Artificial Intelligence will introduce you to the core foundations of AI with modules in Data Science, Python, Cloud Computing, and much more. After completing the course, you will possess knowledge about Big Data, the Internet of Things, Machine Learning Algorithms, Neural Networks, and Artificial Intelligence. This course will explore frameworks, tools, and proven strategies in the real world and prepare students for the applications of Big Data and Machine Learning in businesses. In the program, the student learns both technical and non-technical skills. Talking about the technical skills that the student will learn at Data Folkz during the program, are: * Programming Languages * Linear Algebra and Statistics * Signal Processing Techniques * Neural Network Architectures * Mathematical Knowledge * Deep Learning * Quantitative Analysis * Data Visualization * Predictive Analysis * Data Mining Moving further to the non-technical skills that the student will be learning under this PG Program in Artificial Intelligence & Big Data Analytics, they are: * Strong Business Sense * Advanced Communication Skills * Incredible Data Divination * Management Skills *Presentation Skills * Resume Building * Leadership Skills Following the completion of the course, the students will possess the knowledge of the following tools: 1- Python 2- Tableau 3- Advanced Excel 4- NumPy 5- Pandas 6- Matplotlib 7- Seaborn 8- NLTK 9- OpenCV 10- SQL 11- MongoDB 12- Hadoop 13- PySpark 14- MapReduce 15- Hive

What Projects Will students be Working on in this Artificial Intelligence Course?

During the program, the students will get exposure to over 25 minor projects that will provide them with the required training for more than 60 job roles. Additionally, Data Folkz will be providing the students with the opportunity to work on 4 Capstone projects. This way, the students will gain experience in dealing with industries in the new-age technology. The Capstone Projects that the students will be working on are: 1- Beginner * Website Behaviour Analysis * Customer Segmentation * Hotel Booking Analysis * Web Scraping 2- Intermediate * Cardio Vascular Risk Prediction * Customer Behaviour * Credit Card Fraud Detection * Customer Complaint Analysis * Car Price Prediction * Stock Index Price Prediction * Sensex Log Data Processing 3- Advanced * World Bank Global Education Project * Chatbot Capstone * Language Translation * Speech to Text * Object Detection * Barcodes and QR Codes Scanner * Image Segmentation * Customer Churn for a Telecom Company * MLOps with Azure * MLOps with GCP (Google Cloud Platforms)

Who Should do the Professional Certificate in Artificial Intelligence Program?

The Professional Certificate in Artificial Intelligence is designed by industry experts to equip the students with the knowledge to create potent, meaningful, and valuable reports from raw data. Who can get enrolled in this program? 1- College Student- Grad/Post Grad Student If you are a college student who has just completed his/her Bachelor’s and Master’s degree program, then you can get enrolled in this course. 2- Working Professional- Having less than five years of work experience If you are a working professional with a total experience of fewer than five years, then you can pursue this program at Data Folkz. This program is best suited for you if: -> You are a student who doesn’t have any idea where your career is headed. Around 82% of the students go for a Master’s Program following the completion of their Undergraduate Program. Don’t be lost and learn the skills required to fill up positions vacant for talented and skilled Data Scientists. -> You are from a technical background, but due to the lack of job opportunities in the technical field, you are settling yourself with a management position. This category of underserved students amounts to 68%. -> You are a student who did good in your college and was in the top lot but still failed to secure a job through the college placement drive. As per a survey, around 75% of the students fail to get placed through the college placement drive. To get enrolled in this program, you need to be from a technical background. Data Folkz's program aims to provide undergraduate students with high opportunities to get a job. The highly professional and skilled faculty at Data Folkz is dedicated to equipping the students with high-value skills to facilitate a decent demand and supply rate.

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The Professional Certificate in Artificial Intelligence comprises 9 terms subdivided into a total of 30 modules over 12 months. We will also be covering assignments, case studies, and capstone projects within the duration of the course.

Term 1 - Foundation of Statistics for Data Science

What is Data Science

You will be learning what exactly Data Science is and what skills you need to develop in order to become a Data Scientist. Also, you will gain knowledge of the application of Data Science in different industries

Statistics for Data Science

This module will deal with the basic understanding of statistics and the utilization of statistics in the field of Data Science. The students will learn to work on population, sample, parameters, and statistics.

Introduction to Data

You will be explained the various Data types in this module and learn about variables and their types, sampling techniques, convenience sampling, stratified sampling, simple random sampling, stratified sampling, systematic sampling, and cluster sampling.

Descriptive Statistics

Under this module, you will gain knowledge of Univariate and Bi Variate Analysis, Measures of Central Tendencies, Measures of Dispersion, Skewness and Kurtosis, Outliers and Boxplot, and Covariance and Correlation.

Term 2 - Python for Data Science

Python Introduction

The module will commence with the basic introduction to Python and why there arises a need to learn Python in Data Science. Gain knowledge about the installation of Anaconda and get a basic understanding of the Jupyter Notebook. We will advance the course with the understanding of the Python Syntax followed by Variables and Operators.

Data Types

This module will talk about strings, lists, sets, tuples, and dictionaries. Basically, we will be covering all types of data.

Control Flow and Conditional Statements

Learn about the If, Elif, and Else statements in Python along with While Loops, For Loops, Nested Loops, and List and Dictionary Comprehensions.


Gain valuable information about User Defined functions, Lambda Functions, Map, Filter, and Reduce.

Term 3 - Data Visualization and EDA


This Data Visualization and EDA module will equip you with the knowledge of Arrays, Basic Operations in Numpy, Indexing, and Array Processing.


Gain information related to Series, DataFrames, Indexing and Slicing, Groupby, Concatenating, Merging Joining, Missing Values, Operations, Data Input and Output, Pivot, and Cross tab.

Visualization with Matplotlib and Seaborn

Introduction to Matplotlib. Learn about Line plots, histograms, box, and Violin Plots, Scatterplot, Heatmaps, and Subplots, and how to use them in Data Science.

Exploratory Data Analysis

Learn in-depth about EDA on a dataset, analysis, and visualization, treating missing values, outlier detection and treatment, and feature engineering.

Web Scraping

Gain knowledge of Web Scraping basics and libraries, web scraping advanced, and what machine learning is. Along with this, learn about Supervised versus unsupervised learning and Regression VS Classification.

Introduction to Machine Learning

Get exposure to the basic understanding of machine learning and learn about the major differences between Supervised and Unsupervised Learning. The module will further cover the difference between Regression and Classification.

Term 4 - Supervised Learning

Linear Regression

Gain valuable information related to Simple Linear Regression, Multiple Linear Regression, OLS Assumptions, and Regression Evaluation Metrics.


The first project dedicated to supervised learning will be about the telecom sector and will equip students with mobile phone activity prediction.


This Automobile project will teach the students about Automobile Mileage Prediction with the data available.

Manufacturing and Logistic

This project will deal with the Mercedes Car Production and time prediction with the available data.


In this project, the students will learn about medical insurance premium prediction.

eCommerce and Retail

The eCommerce and Retail project deals with equipping the students with the knowledge of predicting the business value.

Medical and Pharmacy

Learn how to predict Ventilator Pressure in the Medical and Pharmacy project you will be doing under the mentorship of skilled professionals.


This project will equip the students with the knowledge to predict the fare price of cabs.

Classification Overview

Get an overview of classification and why it has got the upper hand over Linear Regression. Know everything about it in this module.

Logistic Tregression

Learn everything about the Logistic Regression, the Logistic Model, Logit and Sigmoid Functions, and setting the threshold and understanding decision boundary.

Evaluation Techniques for Classification

Gain information on the confusion matrix and learn how to attain maximum accuracy while minimizing the error rate. The module will deal with learning TPR and FPR, precision and recall, F1 Score, and AUC-ROC.


The project in the telecom domain will help you learn about customer churn prediction.


The students will learn about Automobile Loan Default Detection and other associated details in this project.

Manufacturing and Logistic

This project will discuss steel defect detection in the manufacturing and logistic sector.


The project will deal with the credit card customer churn prediction.

eCommerce and Retail

You will learn about predicting user behavior in the eCommerce and Retail project.

Medical and Pharmacy

The students will learn how to predict the scale of dementia in the Medical and Pharmacy sector.


In this project, students will learn about road traffic injury prediction.

Decision Tree

This module will equip the students with the basic terminology in Decision Tree, Root Node and Terminal Node, Regression Trees, Classification Trees, advantages and disadvantages of Trees, Gini Index, Information Gain/Entropy, and Reduction in Variance, and Overfitting and Pruning.

Bagging - Random Forest

Learn in detail about what is Ensemble Learning, Bagging, and how it functions. Gain valuable information about what exactly Random Forest is and its functioning.


Resampling deals with Cross-Validation, k-Fold Cross-Validation, and Stratified Cross-Validation.

Hyperparameter Tuning

This module deals with Parameters and Hyperparameters and teaches how to perform Hyperparameter Tuning, grid search, and randomized search.


This project will help you in predicting the category of telecom customers.


The automobile project will deal with automobile insurance prediction.

Manufacturing and Logistic

The manufacturing and logistic project will equip you with the knowledge of product quality prediction.


In this project, the students will get exposure to the loan defaulters' prediction process and credit card recommendations.

eCommerce and Retail

In this project, we will teach the students how to forecast retail sales and the prediction of the amount spent by book retailers.

Medical and Pharmacy

The project will deal with the classification of deaths related to drugs.


In this project, the students will learn about the predictions based on flight delays and predicting future bike shares.

Boosting Techniques

Learn what Boosting is and how it works. Gain information related to Ada Boosting, Gradient Boosting, and XG Boosting.


The Telecom domain-specific project following the Boosting Techniques will help you equip the knowledge of monthly charge prediction.


In this project focused on the Automobile domain, we will be focusing on car price prediction.

Manufacturing and Logistic

This particular project will discuss the Bosch production line and performance predictions.


In this project, the students will learn how to detect fraud in insurance claims with the available data.

eCommerce and Retail

This module will deal with Real Estate Price Prediction and how to handle data.

Medical and Pharmacy

The medical and pharmacy dedicated project will talk about drug classification.


In this project, we will be discussing cab customer behavior prediction.

Support Vector Machine

The Support Vector Machine module deals with Hyperplane, the Maximal Margin Classifier, Support Vector Classifiers, hard and soft Margin classification, classification with non-linear decision boundaries, and kernel trick.

K-Nearest Neighbor

Learn about the KNN algorithm, Linear, Polynomial, and Radial, and how to decide the number of neighbors in KNN.

Naive Bayes Algorithm

Get familiar with the Bayes Theorem and gain exposure to the terminology in Naive Bayes. Become knowledgeable of the types of Naive Bayes Classifier, Multinomial Naive Bayes, Bernoulli Naive Bayes, and Gaussian Naive Bayes.


The Automobile domain-specific project will talk about train ticket price prediction.

Manufacturing and Logistic

In this project, we will be discussing Microsoft Azure Predictive Maintenance.


This project will help you learn how to deal with data to determine whether the user will subscribe to a term deposit.

eCommerce and Retail

The eCommerce and Retail project will discuss the product recommendations for eCommerce websites.

Medical and Pharmacy

This project will provide you with hands-on experience in predicting heart disease rates and personalized cancer treatment.


Prediction of taxi duration is what this transportation project will be all about.

Term 5 - Unsupervised Learning

Principal Component Analysis

Get a basic understanding of the concept of Dimensionality Reduction and why there arises a need to conduct it. Learn about the Principal Components and demonstration of 2D PCA and 3D PCA. Gain information about the Eigen Values, Eigen Vectors, and Orthogonality. This module will equip you with the knowledge of transforming the Eigenvalues into a new data set and will explain the proportion of variance in PCA.


This particular module is designed in order to equip the students with the various Clustering methods and give exposure to K-Means Clustering, Centroids, and Medoids. Learn how to decide the optimal value of ‘k’ with the use of the Elbow Method. You will also be learning in detail about Hierarchical Clustering, Divisive and Agglomerative Clustering, and Dendrograms, along with their interpretation.

Association Rules

In this module, you will be introduced to the concept of Association Rules Mining, where you will learn in detail about the Association rules, market basket analysis, and Apriori/Support/Confidence/Lift.


This project will deal with the Customer Requirements Segmentation.


In this project, the students will gain knowledge about clustering the same types of cars together.

Manufacturing and Logistic

In the manufacturing and logistic project, the students will learn in detail about clustering pump data in order to detect anomalies.


The BFSI domain-specific project will deal with the clustering process of mobile banking users.

eCommerce and Retail

The eCommerce and Retail project will talk about market basket analysis of groceries.

Medical and Pharmacy

In this project, the students will learn how to cluster similar patients together.


The project deals with the clustering process of drivers based on the cars hired.

Time Series (Forecasting)

This module will provide you with a thorough understanding of what exactly is Times Series Data. Learn in detail about the Stationarity in Time Series Data and Augmented Dickey-Fuller Test, the Box-Jenkins Approach, the AR Process, and the MA Process. Gain valuable knowledge and skills related to ARIMA, SARIMA, ACF, PACF, and IACF plots. Additionally, the module will cover topics such as the decomposition of Times Series Trend, Seasonality, and Cyclic, Exponential Smoothing, and EWMA.

Introduction to Deep Learning

This module will deal with the concept of Deep Learning and will equip the students with the knowledge of how Deep Learning is utilized in real life. Gain exposure to the domains covered by Deep Learning along with its key advantages and roles to play in the field.

Term 6 - Natural Language Processing (Basic)

Introduction to NLP

This module will take you to the discussion of what NLP is and why it is important. In addition to this, you will get exposure to the applications of NLP, the unstructured data it deals with, and the life cycle of NLP. Gain an understanding of the tools for NLP, Libraries for NLP, and NLTK.

Text Preprocessing

The text Preprocessing module will deal with text normalizing, stop words removal, stemming, and Lemmatization. Along with this, the module will be pouring light on Tokenization, Text standardization, and exploratory data analysis.

Feature Engineering

Feature Engineering will equip the students with the knowledge of One hot encoding, Count Vectorizer, and TFIDF.

Term 7 - Natural Language Processing (Advanced)

Part of Speech

Gain information about Part of Speech tagging, NER, and learn the core concepts of Topic modeling and Text classification.

NLP and Deep Learning for NLP

Learn what exactly is a sequence-based model. This module deals with concepts such as Vanishing Gradient, Exploding Gradient, Recurrent Neural Networks, LSTM, GRU, Batching Sequence Models, and information retrieval using word embedding. In addition, the course module will consist of learning text classification using Deep Learning approaches, Natural language generation, transformers and BERT, and text summarization using LSTM encoder and decoder.


The students will learn about customer sentiment analysis towards companies along with gaining information about consumer complaints segmentation.


This project will discuss the sentiment analysis of train derailment from Twitter comments.


In this project, students will learn how to carry out a sentiment analysis of a stock using News Headlines.

eCommerce and Retail

This project will discuss the details of the Jio Mart reviews analysis. In addition to this, the students will discuss store app review analysis.

Medical and Pharmacy

Following the completion of this project, the students will be able to predict the rating of drugs based on their reviews.


This project deals with the sentiment analysis of car companies based on Tweets.

Term 8 - Deep Learning

Introduction to Neural Networks

What is Neural Network? Introduction to Neuron and Perceptron along with Primitive Neuron and Sigmoid Neuron. This course module will also explain the types of Activation functions that are used in deep learning networks. Gain an in-depth understanding of Cost Functions, Gradient Descent, Stochastic Gradient Descent, the feedforward model of the neural network, and the disadvantages of the feedforward model. Where applying weights to the feedforward model leads to and backpropagation algorithm.

Artificial Neural Network

This module will deal with the core understanding of Neural Networks, biological inspiration, perceptron learning, binary classification, backpropagation Learning, and Object Recognition.

Tensorflow and Keras

The Tensorflow and Keras module gives students exposure to the Tensorflow, Debugging, and Monitoring, Keras for classification and regression in Typical Data Science Problems, and Setting up KERAS. Learn about the different layers in KERAS and how to create a Neural Network. Gain valuable information on the training models and monitoring along with Artificial Neural Networks.

Recurrent Neural Network

This module will provide the students with a brief introduction to RNN, its network structure, types, Bidirectional RNN, and its limitations. Additionally, it will deal with training an RNN with a use case and introduce the students to LSTM and its architecture and variants. The Recurrent Neural Network model will also help in time series forecasting or sequential modeling using LSTM.

Convolutional Neural Network

Introduction to CNN and Convolutional operations are what this module will deal with alongside its features, ReLu, Pooling, and fully connected layer. The students will learn about training a CNN and Image Classification.


This project talks about consumer complaints segmentation and how to use that data.


In this project, the students will be equipped with the knowledge to predict the horsepower of the car.

Manufacturing and Logistic

The manufacturing and logistic project will discuss the product casting defect detection and number plate detection techniques.


This project is proven extremely helpful in carrying out stock market predictions.

eCommerce and Retail

The eCommerce and Retail project at Data Folkz will talk about product recommendations through images and product demand forecasting.

Medical and Pharmacy

Learn how to detect diabetic retinopathy with this project, along with getting equipped with the knowledge of classifying lung diseases from X-Rays.

Term 9 - Dive Deep Learning

Open CV

This module will give the students an exposure to the introduction to CV and how to use OpenCV to work with image files. Additionally, the students will learn more about image manipulation involving smoothing and blurring, translation, rotation, and cropping. Learn about thresholding and morphological operations and how to open and stream video with OpenCV. Gain valuable information such as creating color histograms with OpenCV, face recognition, and template matching.

Advanced Computer Vision

Learn about transfer learning using Keras and gain information related to VGG, RESNET, object detection, drawing bounding boxes, and Yolo.


This topic will discuss creating pickle and frozen files, cloud deploying machine learning, and a Deep Learning model for production.


During the program, the students will be exposed to many live projects to equip them with hands-on experience in dealing with real-world problems. Unlike traditional ineffective methods, the students won’t work on dummy datasets but will sharpen their skills with real messy datasets.


Practice 20+
Essential Tools


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Industry Experts


Get Real-world

Website Behaviour Analysis

Uncover user trends and gain knowledge on how to track behavior using powerful analytics. Learn how to drive user engagement by collecting, combining, and analyzing quantitative and qualitative user data.

Customer Segmentation

Become knowledgeable in dividing customers into segments on the basis of common characteristics like demographics and behavior to facilitate effective marketing.

Web Scraping

Gain skills in obtaining large amounts of data from a website, collecting the information it possesses, and exporting it to a more structured format.

Hotel Booking Analysis

This project will deal with the real-world data record of hotel bookings consisting of details such as bookings, cancellations, and information related to guests. Gain interesting insights into customers’ behaviors.

Cardio Vascular Risk Prediction

Deal with models that quantify the Cardio Vascular risk over a defined period or over a lifetime along with the age factor. This project is based on a model that is considered a cornerstone of preventive cardiology.

Customer Behaviour

This project aims to equip you with the knowledge of how to study customers and the processes they follow to select, use, and dispose of products and services. You will gain valuable insights into using quantitative and qualitative methods for determining customer behavior.

Car Price Prediction

Several machine learning and deep learning models predict the price of used cars by utilizing data such as Model Name, Year of Purchase, and various other parameters.

Stock Index Price Prediction

This project deals with the creation of new variables used as an input to the models on the basis of a deep learning approach to predict the movement of stock prices.

Sensex Log Data Processing

In this project, learn how to use Big Data technology to process Sensex Log Data and gain valuable skills in predicting Nifty and Sensex movements.

Customer Complaint Analysis

Digging into the datasets provided by a firm along with customer complaints and other attributes. Learn how to automate your customer complaint root cause analysis to uncover fine reasons for complaints.


Learn the advanced function of a Chatbot that simulates human conversation via voice commands, text chats, or even both.

Language Translation

Become knowledgeable to provide expert language solutions for any size of business. Work with a deep neural network that excels at functioning as a segment of a machine translation pipeline.

Speech to Text

Learn how to deploy the most accurate speech recognition models in the world at scale while constantly bringing improvements with training and data.

Object Detection

Deal with algorithms that leverage machine learning or deep learning in order to produce meaningful results.

Barcode and QR

One of the best machine learning tasks to get started with computer vision. This project deals with the horizontal data bearers and two-dimensional QR codes.

Cloud Projects

Gain technical job skills by working on real-world cloud projects and learning how to build, deploy, and scale applications, websites, and services on a Google-like infrastructure.

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6 Months Placement Drive

Presentation of Capstone Projects

Gain skills to demonstrate your knowledge of the course topics professionally.

Kaggle Competition

Exciting competitions organized by Data Folkz to grow your Data Science.


Put your coding skills to work and solve interesting business problems and real-world challenges.

Resume Building

Make a perfect job-winning resume and jump-start your career in your dream job.

LinkedIn Profile Building

Build your extensive network and track your professional milestones and achievements. 1- Bio Define who you are and what services you have to offer along with your specialty. 2- Summary Write unique introductory content to showcase your skills and knowledge in this section. 3- Headshot Cover the essentials for making a great portrait and face forward to look into the eyes of those you want to attract.


Professional and globally recognized ISO certificates on Data Folkz to help you get job-ready for an in-demand career field in less than a year.


Data Folkz offers an authorized signature that endorses your skills and knowledge of the course.

Presentation Skills

We groom your presentation skills so that you are capable of delivering compelling, engaging, informative, transformative, and engaging presentations.

Communication Skills

Your communication skills are a deciding factor in your personality, and it definitely adds to the value of your meetings.

Management Skills

Get equipped with skills that involve things like business planning, decision-making, problem-solving, and coordination.

Leadership Skills

Develop crucial leadership skills such as strategic thinking, planning, people management, and reliability to ensure workplace success.

Career Services

Data Folkz provides 100% placement assistance that is set to start immediately following the completion of the course. The Career Centre Classes at Data Folkz will involve skill development, profile development, and personality development to make you ready for placements.

100% Job Assistance

The placement drive at Data Folkz will ensure that you get complete assistance for your placements from the industry experts and veterans. We facilitate a 100% job assistance program to help you build a career in the most demanding field.

Leading Hiring Partners

Data Folkz has partnered with over 20 leading companies that require Data Scientists and are offering jobs to skilled and talented students with an exceptional understanding of the core concepts related to Data Science.

3 Guaranteed Interviews

Data Folkz conducts a total of 3 mock interviews to prepare you for the job by enhancing your skills, profile, and personality.

Exclusive Access to Our Job Portal

You will have exclusive access to our dedicated job portal following the completion of the course. We offer 100% placement assistance with the facility of paying for the course fee after placements.

Professional Resume and LinkedIn Profile Building

From building a perfect resume for you and writing a Bio and Summary for LinkedIn to equipping you with the ISO-approved certificates and endorsements, Data Folkz has got you covered.

Become Job-Ready by Gaining Important Skills

Impress the recruiters with your impeccable resume, profile, presentation, communication, management, and leadership skills. Data Folkz grooms you for becoming a professional Data Scientist and securing your career in the field.

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Job Roles

img Data Analyst
img lead Data Analyst
img senior Data Analyst
img product manager - analytics
img data research associate
img Consultant- Decision Science (Python, sql)
img analytics consultant
img business analyst
img quantitative analyst
img data visualization associate
img senior business Analyst
img risk modeling - Analyst
img bi/ data analytics developer
img quant analytics associate
img risk analyst
img tableau developer
img business intelligence engineer
img consultant data quality with SQL
img data analytics - equity research
img Scientist
img Analyst – Business Development
img BI / Data Visualisation Consultant
img Business Analyst-Risk Modeling
img Data Science Engineer
img Senior Data Scientist
img Lead- Advanced Analytics
img Associate Data Scientist
img Data Scientist : Artificial Intelligence
img Customer Experience strategy Data
img Data Analytics Developer
img Credit Risk Modeling(Machine Learning) - Associate
img Predicitive Analytics
img Data Visualization Analyst
img Machine Learning Engineer
img Quantitative Engineer - Risk - Associate
img Data Scientist - Credit Risk Domain
img Decision Scientist
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Programme Fee - Indian Residents - ₹ 1,50,000.00 (incl. taxes)

*Starting at Rs 11,652 /month* No cost EMI options available..

Empowering learners of tomorrow

Over 2,300 students have completed this course and started working at their dream job, whats stopping you?

What Do You Benefit from this Program?

  • icon * Gain a foundational understanding and knowledge of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and Machine Learning. Learn how to develop a successful and thriving AI strategy for your business or company. * Become certified in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence and kickstart your career in one of the most demanding fields. * Obtain your training from industry experts and IIT Alumni to gain advanced knowledge and a deep understanding of the core concepts. * Work on real-world projects and acquire a lifetime comprehensive course curriculum designed by industry experts.
  • icon Become certified in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence and kickstart your career in one of the most demanding fields.
  • icon Obtain your training from industry experts and IIT Alumni to gain advanced knowledge and a deep understanding of the core concepts.
  • icon Work on real-world projects and acquire a lifetime comprehensive course curriculum designed by industry experts.
  • icon Gain a foundational understanding and knowledge of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and Machine Learning. Learn how to develop a successful and thriving AI strategy for your business or company.


How do I know if this program is for me?

Suppose you are interested in the concept of Artificial Intelligence and are looking forward to working as an Artificial Intelligence Engineer. In that case, the Professional Certificate in Artificial Intelligence is the program you must get enrolled in. Data Folkz is providing this program to allow students to build their careers in the field of data science and learn crucial skills such as Python, R Programming, and Machine Learning.

How will this program benefit me?

This program will help you equip yourself with the skills required to develop a successful AI strategy for your business. In addition to this, one of the best benefits of this AI program is an increased salary hike and advance in your career. This program will prove to be of great advantage to you if you want to step up your career and become a valuable asset to your organization by solving complex business problems and being equipped with in-demand skills and tools. Following the completion of this course, you will be able to apply theoretical knowledge and concepts to crucial business problems.

What is this program intended to do?

The Professional Certificate in Artificial Intelligence is dedicated to equipping you with the required skills and knowledge to enable the execution of hitherto complex tasks without significant cost outlays. The experts at Data Folkz are committed to making you learn the skills and techniques so that you can apply the acquired knowledge to significantly reduce errors and increase accuracy and precision and facilitate increased automation.

What can I expect out of this program?

This program is going to be a live instructor-led online program that covers all the aspects of Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Data Engineering, and Cloud computing. You can expect that this program will equip you with the knowledge and skills required to use the most demanded tools and skills in the field. With this program, you will be getting professional support and 100% placement assistance. After completing the program, you can expect yourself to work on real problem-solving statements and get hands-on experience with real data.

Is there any certification at the end of this program?

Yes, this is an ISO-certified program, following the completion of which you will be getting a highly valuable certificate. We provide a career-oriented training program to assist you in securing jobs in the field of data science.

Key Program Highlights

img Complimentary Python Programming Bootcamp
img Only online M.Sc in DS for working professionals
img 60+ Case Studies and Projects
img Daily Doubt Resolution Support
img IIIT Bangalore & LJMU Alumni Status
img No Cost EMI Option
img Career mentorship Sessions(1:1)
img Just-in-Time Interviews
img Personalised Industry Session
img Support available 7 days, 24x7
img Global access to job opportunities
img NASSCOM certificate
img AI Powered Profile Builder
img High Performance Coaching(1:1)
img Career Bootcamp
img Career Essential Soft Skills Program
img 500+ Hours of Learning
img Fortnightly Group Mentorship with Industry Mentors
5 Unique Specializations to choose from
  • Deep Learning
  • Natural Learning Processing
  • Business Intelligence/ Data Analytics
  • Business Analytics
  • Data Engineering

What you'll learn

Learn the top demanding tools & skills used in every MNC worldwide.

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Career Transition

A combination of statistics, computer science, and highly specialised domain knowledge make up data science. And thus, don't waste time and take into account a career change.

Dhananjay Dhamankar Aviation Engineer

Aviation Engineer in Air India

Presently working as Manager in an Aviation Engineering company. Overall the Data Folkz team is good. The Instructor is very well considerate, and The backbone academics team provides the backend support for individuals to improvise. Highly recommended, especially for beginners like me.

img 48% Average Salary Hike
img 45 LPA Highest Salary
img 97.6% Satisfaction Rate
img 300+ Hiring Partners
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Become an expert in cutting-edge Data Science & Machine Learning tools and techniques with a program designed by Industry Experts from Data Folkz.

Course Duration

6 Months Live Online Sessions On Weekends

Why top companies
prefer Data Folkz

  • icon High engagement and outcome-centric learning
  • icon Customized curriculum built with industry leaders, for industry leaders
  • icon Hands-on exercises and industry use cases
  • icon Assignments and project work review and feedback from industry SMEs
  • icon Strong reporting to track learning and calculate training ROI for managers
  • icon Pre-configured Cloud Labs for practice
  • icon Day 1 production ready on the completion of the training