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The curriculum in Computer Vision & Neural Networks is aimed at equipping students with the skills to utilize hands-on modern machine learning tools and python libraries and training test sets, studying contention for DL applications and utilizing standard techniques and optimization algorithms.

Module 1 - All About Neural Networks

Introduction to Neural Networks

What is Neural Network? Introduction to Neuron and Perceptron along with Primitive Neuron and Sigmoid Neuron. This course module will also explain the types of Activation functions that are used in deep learning networks. Gain an in-depth understanding of Cost Functions, Gradient Descent, Stochastic Gradient Descent, the feedforward model of the neural network, and the disadvantages of the feedforward model. Where applying weights to the feedforward model leads to and backpropagation algorithm.

Artificial Neural Network

This module will deal with the core understanding of Neural Networks, biological inspiration, perceptron learning, and binary classification, along with backpropagation Learning and Object Recognition.

Tensorflow & Keras

The Tensorflow and Keras module gives students exposure to Tensorflow, Debugging, and Monitoring, Keras for classification and regression in Typical Data Science Problems, and Setting up KERAS. Learn about the different layers in KERAS and how to create a Neural Network. Gain valuable information on the training models and monitoring along with Artificial Neural Networks.

Module 2 - Types of Neural Networks

Recurrent Neural Network

This module will provide the students with a brief introduction to RNN, its network structure, types, Bidirectional RNN, and its limitations. Additionally, it will deal with training an RNN with a use case and introduce the students to LSTM and its architecture and variants. The Recurrent Neural Network model will also help in time series forecasting or sequential modeling using LSTM.

Convolutional Neural Network

Introduction to CNN and Convolutional operations are what this module will deal with alongside its features, ReLu, Pooling, and fully connected layer. The students will learn about training a CNN and Image Classification.

Module 3 - Computer Vision

Open CV

This module will give the students exposure to the introduction to CV and how to use OpenCV to work with image files. Additionally, the students will learn more about image manipulation involving smoothing and blurring, translation, rotation, and cropping. Learn about thresholding and morphological operations and how to open and stream video with OpenCV. Gain valuable information such as creating color histograms with OpenCV, face recognition, and template matching.

Advanced Computer Vision

Learn about transfer learning using Keras and gain information related to VGG, RESNET, object detection, drawing bounding boxes, and Yolo.

Module 4 - Deploy


This topic will discuss creating pickle and frozen files, cloud deploying machine learning, and Deep Learning models for production.

Tools and Platforms Covered





The courses offered by Data Folkz have played a major role in helping me transition into my career. I gained skills that helped me significantly get the position I am currently on. They also prepared me well for the interviews and placements, and I am still guided by my mentors to steer a motivated journey in my career.

Siddharth Arora

The new online course that Data Folkz is now offering is quite informative and useful, and its visual presentation made the training a lot simpler for me. A thorough description of each and every topic was undoubtedly a helpful approach to remembering the lessons. This updated NLP training is cutting-edge and contains features that other courses lack.

Varda Garg

The course was very beneficial. Not taking it sooner is the only thing I regret. Surprisingly, it was simple to follow the format. The subject was fairly simple to understand because of the short lectures and engaging exchanges among the lecturers. The weekly one-on-one meetings with the lead trainer, which were very helpful, were perhaps the greatest part of the course.

Tushar Saini - Microsoft Corporation

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Siddharth Arora Administrator


The courses offered by Data Folkz have played a major role in helping me transition into my career. I gained skills that helped me significantly get the position I am currently on. They also prepared me well for the interviews and placements, and I am still guided by my mentors to steer a motivated journey in my career.

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Programme Fee - Indian Residents - ₹ 10,000 (incl. taxes)

*Starting at Rs 918 /month* No cost EMI options available..

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  • icon Cutting-Edge Curriculum Designed by Industry Experts & Experienced Faculty
  • icon Dual Alumni Status from IIIT Bangalore & LJMU, UK
  • icon Career Transition with an average 50% Salary Hike
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Who should do the Specialization in Computer Vision & Neural Networks?

This course is a part of the Advanced Deep Learning program and hence, will deal with the more detailed, comprehensive, and in-depth learning of Deep Learning. If you are interested in building a career in the field of Deep Learning, then you must get enrolled in this program.

Is there any advantage to pursuing the Specialization in Computer Vision & Neural Networks?

Yes, following the completion of this program, you will be equipped with the knowledge of processing data in a simpler and faster way and learn about Computer Vision systems that are capable of performing repetitive tasks faster. Moreover, the knowledge of Neural Networks regarding their ability to learn by themselves and produce the output that is not barred to the input provided.

What skills will this program equip me with?

This program will equip you with technical skills involving proficiency in computer vision concepts and machine learning libraries and analytical skills. In addition to this, the students will gain knowledge of applied maths and algorithms, fundamental programming skills, probability and statistics, and data modeling and evaluation.

Are the sessions recorded or live?

The sessions are going to be live, and you will be training under the mentorship of IIT-Alumni and industry leaders who are backed by years of experience in the field. The material of the course will be provided to you for a lifetime so that you can access it anytime and anywhere.

Will I be getting any certification at the end of the Specialization in Computer Vision & Neural Networks Program?

Yes, this is an ISO-certified program, following the completion of which you will be getting a highly valuable certificate. We provide a career-oriented training program that is aimed at assisting you in securing jobs in the field of data science.