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The curriculum of Specialization in Big Data is aimed at helping students in learning how to organize massive datasets and derive valuable insights from them. Moreover, the curriculum equips students with the skills to apply the insights gained to counter real-world problems and questions.

Module 1 - Basics of Big Data


This module will teach you about what Big Data is and where it comes from. Learn about integrating Diverse Data and applications of Big Data.

Characteristics of Big Data

Here, you will gain the required information about the major characteristics of Volume, Variety, Velocity, Veracity, Valence, and Value.

Hadoop Ecosystem

Learn about the Hadoop ecosystem and what are the benefits that can be reaped from this ecosystem. This module will provide you with the required knowledge to know where to use the Hadoop Ecosystem and the functioning of these tools.

Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS)

HDFS stands for Hadoop Distributed File Systems, and this module will teach you about the three major Hadoop Components and what exactly a Distributed File System is. Gain information about the advantages of HDFS and how it works.

Different Tools

Gain information on the utilization of different tools such as MapReduce, Pig, Hive, Spark, and HBase.

Module 2 - MapReduce


What is MapReduce? Learn about the functioning of MapReduce and the three major steps in MapReduce. You will be learning with the help of examples and applications.

MapReduce Queries (Basic)

Solving basic queries related to the subject.

MapReduce Queries (Advanced)

Solving advanced queries related to the subject.

Tools and Platforms Covered





I recently completed Data Folkz's online Specialization in Big Data, which has greatly aided me in advancing my job. Anyone looking to improve their lives should check out this curriculum, in my opinion.

Anurag Gupta

I lacked a strong statistical foundation before I began this program. I was able to secure a job well before graduation thanks to the industry-level data analytics knowledge I acquired in a few months. It is difficult labor; there is no way to sugarcoat it. It might, however, be the best investment I've made in my professional life.

Anshul Gautam - Wipro

Sincerity be told, I loved it all. Focusing on real life and workflows was crucial to me because, while knowing a theory is excellent, putting it into practice and using it effectively is always the difficult part. Because the course equips you with the conceptual frameworks you need to think critically about how to organize data science work within your organization, I would highly suggest it.

Vivek Sharma - Intellias

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The Data Folkz Advantage

Learn from a comprehensive curriculum taught by world-class faculty. Get guidance on your learning journey, and access dedicated career support.


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icon Live mentorship sessions on weekend to clear your doubts
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Career Transition

Build your career in a field that is demanded by almost every industry and the skillful individuals who are required to fulfill the vacancies. Give your career the boost it requires with Data Folkz.

Anurag Gupta Data Analyst

Data Analyst

I recently completed Data Folkz's online Specialization in Big Data, which has greatly aided me in advancing my job. Anyone looking to improve their lives should check out this curriculum, in my opinion.

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img 45 LPA Highest Salary
img 12K+ Career Transitions
img 400+ Hiring Partners
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Programme Fee - Indian Residents - ₹ 10,000 (incl. taxes)

*Starting at Rs 918 /month* No cost EMI options available..

Empowering learners of tomorrow

Over 2,300 students have completed this course and started working at their dream job, whats stopping you?

What are the Benefits of this Program from Data Folkz

  • icon Cutting-Edge Curriculum Designed by Industry Experts & Experienced Faculty
  • icon Dual Alumni Status from IIIT Bangalore & LJMU, UK
  • icon Career Transition with an average 50% Salary Hike
  • icon Hiring Opportunities from Flipkart, Microsoft, PwC, Genpact, and More

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Who should do the Specialization in Big Data?

Individuals who are planning to start implementing Big Data utilization techniques in their business or career should get enrolled in this program. Additionally, in this program, you will be introduced to Hadoop, one of the most common frameworks that have made Big Data analysis convenient and more accessible.

Is there any advantage to pursuing the Specialisation in Big Data?

Yes, following the completion of the program, you will have the knowledge to utilize big data in your business operations and deliver customized products to your target audience. Moreover, Big Data reduces the overall cost of storing, processing, and analyzing enormous datasets.

What skills will this program equip me with?

The program will equip you with skills such as data mining, programming languages, data structure and algorithms, and interpretation and visualization of data. You will be gaining the top skills required to thrive in the field of Big Data.

Are the sessions recorded or live?

The sessions are going to be live, and you will be training under the mentorship of IIT-Alumni and industry leaders who are backed by years of experience in the field. The material of the course will be provided to you for a lifetime so that you can access it anytime and anywhere.

Will I be getting any certification at the end of the Specialisation in Big Data?

Yes, this is an ISO-certified program, following the completion of which you will be getting a highly valuable certificate. We provide a career-oriented training program that is aimed at assisting you in securing jobs in the field of data science.