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"This creates a win win ecosystem for the student and the institution providing them the jobs. This also generates a success Transition pressure for the institute to place the student."


What is Pay After Placement Agreement

With Data Folkz Pay After Placement Agreement, a student can enroll and complete the course by paying absolutely nothing and can get placed in one of the top notch companies, but agrees to pay us back the fees over a period of 24 months. This way students can learn effectively without pressure of down payment in the starting.*

Our Pay After Placement Agreement
is an investment in our students

Data Folkz makes money only if you land a job, and if not, we make nothing. Once you complete the payment period or reach the cap, you are 100% free from any financial obligation to us.


Pay Minimum tuition fee until you land a high paying job


Pay a fixed amount over a period of 24 months


pay complete fee after placement

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Monthly Payable Table For Full Stack Web Development Full Time Course

Lakhs per annum (LPA)


Monthly Payable Amount + 18% GST 25000 4500 INR 0
Tenure 3 NA
Total Fees 75000 13500 0
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Dropout Clauses

Even if you fail to clear the aptitude test after the retry attempt, you have an option to opt-out of the enrolment. For details, speak to our education counsellor now.



What is an ISA and how does it work?

An ISA (individual savings account) is a tax-free savings or investment account that allows you to invest your ISA allowance and maximise your potential returns by shielding it from income tax, dividend tax, and capital gains tax.

What are the interest rates for the ISA?

The ISA offers interest rates of up to 1.55% with easy access or up to 3.1% fixed. If you are saving small amounts for a short-term goal, a savings account is likely to be the better option because you are unlikely to exceed your personal savings allowance. On the other hand, anyone looking for a home for a large sum of money should consider an ISA.

Do I need to submit any document post getting a job?

The documents you must submit after landing a job are as follows: Candidates can submit voter ID cards, passports, Adhaar cards, and other forms of identification as ID proof. Residential Proof: Pan card, passport, Adhaar card, ration card, Bonafite certificate, and electricity bill are all acceptable documents. Certificates of Category/Caste: Candidates who are OBC, SC, or ST must submit a caste certificate issued by the appropriate authority (as per central govt format). Education Certificate: The type of education certificate you need depends on the position you're applying for. If the minimum qualification for the job is a 10th pass (metric / SSC), you must provide a 10th pass certificate. In addition, if the position is for a 12th pass (HSC), the candidate must provide a 12th pass certificate. As a result, candidates should have a mark sheet for each year after high school.

What happens if I don't get an offer for 5 LPA (CTC) ?

We’re so sure about your placement that your ISA payments won't begin if, in the unlikely event you don't land a job paying ₹ 5 LPA (CTC) or more. We’ll give you this in writing!

When do my ISA repayments start and what if I get fired?

It will be activated once you have been placed in a job with more than 5 LPAs after completing the course. The Hoping Minds ISA includes built-in financial hardship protection. If you are fired, leave your job, or switch jobs before the end of your ISA, your ISA will be paused and resumed with your next job until the end. (Not applicable if you do not wish to continue working).

How do I pay my ISA amount?

Making the required number of monthly payments is by far the most common way for one to satisfy their ISA obligation. An ISA requires you to pay back a percentage of your earnings each month for a specified number of months. Each of these payments is categorised as a Required Payment.

What is CTC?

CTC (Cost to Company) refers to your total salary including variable pay, compensations, and gross income, as well as, but not limited to, benefits and other allowances provided to you from employment or according to self-employment.


What is included in
this course?

  • icon Non-biased career guidance
  • icon No repetitive calls, only as per convenience
  • icon Complete this program while you work
  • icon Counselling based on your skills and preference
  • icon Rigorous curriculum designed by industry experts

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Become an expert in cutting-edge Data Science & Machine Learning tools and techniques with a program designed by Industry Experts from Data Folkz.

Course Duration

9 Months Live Online Sessions On Weekends