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Program Highlights

This specially curated course on the fundamentals of Statistics and Python has been specially designed for students and non-programmers, keeping in mind there non-programming background. This course will give access to almost 30+ hours of live training on Data Statistics, Data Analysis and tools like python, Numpy, Pandas etc. with multiple assignments during the course and one capstone project at the end of the course.

It is an online course on python for students and non programmers, specially crafted by the mentors at Data Folkz to boost your knowledge and introduce you to the world of programming. The introduction course on Data Analytics will open the doors for you to enter into other programming fields like Data Analytics, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.

What we offer?

  • 30+ hours of learning
  • Personal Mentorship
  • Software Training
  • Professional Certification
  • Extensive Study Material

Program Curriculum

Module 1


Topics 1

  • What is Statistics

Topics 2

  • How is Statistics used in Data Science ?

Module 2

  • Introduction To Data

Topic 3

  • Data types

Topic 4

  • Variables and it’s types

Topic 5

  • Sampling Techniques

Module 3

  • Descriptive Statistics

Topic 6

  • Measure of Central Tendency and Dispersion

Topic 7

  • Normal Distribution, Skewness and Kutrosis

Topic 8

  • BoxPlot and Outliers Detection

Topic 9

  • Covariance and Corelation

Case Study

Module 1

Python Introduction

Topics 1

  • What is Python?

Topics 2

  • Installation of Anaconda

Topics 3

  • Understanding Jupyter Notebook

Topic 4

  • Basic commands in Jupyter Notebook

Topic 5

  • Understanding Python Syntax

Module 2

Data Types

Topic 6

  • Variables

Topic 7

  • Strings

Topic 8

  • Lists

Topic 9

  • Sets

Topic 10

  • Tuples

Topic 11

  • Dictionaries

Module 3

  • Control Flow And Conditional Statements

Topic 12

  • Conditional Operators, Arithmetic Operators and Logical Operators

Topic 13

  • If, Elif and Else Statements

Topic 14

  • While Loops

Topic 15

  • For Loops

Topic 16

  • Nested Loops

Topic 17

  • List and Dictionary Comprehensions

Module 4

  • Functions

Topic 18

  • Lambda Functions

Topic 19

  • Map, Filter and Reduce

Topic 20

  • Modules and Packages

Case Study

Module 1

Starting With Pandas And Numpy

Topics 1

  • Intorduction to Pandas

Topics 2

  • Intorduction to Numpy

Topics 2

  • Starting with Visualisations

Case Study

Module 2

  • Regression

Topic 1

  • Into Machine Learning with Linear Regression

Case Study







Skills & Tools


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