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Admission Process 1 Admission Process
Admission Process 1

Fill in some basic details relevant to your personal and academic details and past performances and apply, simple!

Admission Process

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Admission Process 2 Admission Process
Admission Process 2

Applicants go through a cautiously designed aptitude test to get admitted for the science-led courses.

Admission Process

Admission Test

Admission Process 3 Admission Process
Admission Process 3

Upon passing the aptitude test, the lucky candidates need to submit some of their relevant documents.

Admission Process


Admission Process 4 Admission Process
Admission Process 4

Refer your friend to our Software Development and Data Analytics courses.

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Admission Process

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What is an ISA and how does it work?

An ISA, or Individual Savings Account, is a savings account that is tax-free. It does have one limitation: the amount of money you can save or invest in an ISA in a single tax year - also known as your annual ISA allowance.

What are the interest rates for the ISA?

The ISA provides interest rates ranging from 1.56% with easy access to 3.2% fixed. A savings account is likely to be the better option if you are saving small amounts for a short-term goal because you are unlikely to exceed your personal savings allowance. Anyone looking for a home for a large sum of money, on the other hand, should consider an ISA.

Do I need to submit any document post getting a job?

Following a job offer, you must submit the following documents. Residential Evidence: Acceptable documents include a Pan card, passport, Adhaar card, ration card, Bonafide certificate, and an electricity bill. Category/Caste Certificates: Candidates who are OBC, SC, or ST must provide a caste certificate issued by the appropriate authority (as per central govt format). As ID proof, candidates can submit voter ID cards, passports, Adhaar cards, and other forms of identification, as well as their most recent Education Certificate.

What happens if I don't get an offer for 5 LPA (CTC) ?

We’re so sure about your placement that your ISA payments won't begin if, in the unlikely event you don't land a job paying ₹ 5 LPA (CTC) or more. We’ll give you this in writing!

When do my ISA repayments start and what if I get fired?

If you are fired, quit, or change jobs before the end of your ISA, your ISA will be paused and resumed with your new job until the end. (This does not apply if you do not wish to continue working.) If your employer fires you because it: ceases operations, implements a salary reduction for the entire organization, or is laying you off due to financial hardship,

How do I pay my ISA amount?

An Income Share Agreement (ISA) is a way to pay your Masai course fee. A Masai ISA is an agreement between student and Masai under which you agree to pay a fixed monthly payment for 36 months or less. The payment starts only once you’re earn a salary of 5,00,000/- (CTC) or more, after course completion.

What is CTC?

CTC (Cost to Company) refers to your total salary including variable pay, compensations, and gross income, as well as, but not limited to, benefits and other allowances provided to you from employment or according to self-employment.


If you have any question related to our programmes or application procedures, we are here to help you.